It's a question that pops up in everyone's head: "How do I grow fast on Instagram?". Because it seems simple but it really isn't. Yes of course you can buy followers, likes, views and everything else you can think of, but it's traceable and in the end it won't bring you any further as more people are focusing on strong micro-influencers. So what is the secret to make your profile grow fast in a correct way? And how do you build up a strong community of followers? 

During our fifth workshop 'How to grow fast on Instagram', Francine explained the different type of strategies as each profile is different and needs another way of working. It's like a fulltime job: every day you need to invest a certain amount of time to achieve your goals and if you forget one day, you're a step behind on others. And did you also know that you even need a strategy for the advertisements on Instagram? So many topics, so many answers and so much more information that will help you to grow your brand as well!

Next week we will talk about blogging and how to make it your job. Also all kind of paid collaborations, how to make connections with PR agencies and other related subjects are a part of it. We have a limited amount of places left, so click here if you don't want to miss it! Are you not able to come or is Antwerp too far? Send us a little email on info@byooma.com and we will send you informations about the individual classes (NL-FR-ENG) with pleasure.

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