Growing on Instagram isn't only about taking the time to engage, making beautiful pictures or reaching the right people. It's also about personal branding and creating a community. To achieve a larger traffic and generating new followers it's also important to invest in other platforms such as Pinterest. The visual content placed on this app can be used for ecommerce reasons and to target new potential followers. By adding links underneath the pictures, using strong content as on Instagram and the option to 'pin' your favorites, a large amount of people can share and discover your (personal) brand or business. 

How do you use Pinterest in a creative way? 
1. The priority is Instagram. Once you've posted on Instagram, you can post on Pinterest later. Add relevant boards, use the right keywords and add the link of your Instagram post in the Pinterest content. BUT! Do not post too much on Pinterest. Try to find a right balance and remember: it's about micro, not macro.

For example: one detail shot of your outfit and one complete look. Or one of your recipe in detail and the other picture of the dish with table decoration... Also multi-image posts, graphics and tips&tricks are working very well! And of course: use a strong caption.

2. Tell a story. Pinterest is also the perfect way to use for a visual storytelling strategy. On each board you can create a different themes and use multiple pictures of the same city or meal you created. By this you don't need to stick to one filter like on Instagram and you can create as many content as you would like to!

3. SEO is your best friend. This platform is also perfect to be used as a SEO machine. However you need to use it properly if you want to generate the same results. We all know that Pinterest is like Google: we need inspiration, we go to Pinterest and search for it. So that's why it's important to use the right keywords if you want people to find your content. 

The best way to be discovered is to play on the trends and the demand of people. Always be a step ahead and try to keep up with the popular topics. Whether it's a winter coat that's trending, a pumpkin recipe for Halloween or a make up look, do it before others before, not after the trend has been launched. 

To find the right keywords, you need to test out the search function on top of the app. When you enter the subject of your post, Pinterest will automatically give you suggestions. Use these various combinations and words to promote your pictures. Be as simple as it can and target the people from your niche.
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