If there's one thing we're sure about, it is the fact that personal branding is the most important key to succeed. Next to our approaching workshop where we will tell you all about it, we talked to Joachim Badejoh. A 24-year-old entrepreneur from Antwerp who's having his own Youtube channel and Instagram account. Next to that he also runs different Social Media accounts for businesses and he's doing modeling work for ASOS. A busy man for sure if you ask us, but how did he made his Personal Brand so strong? What's behind all of this? After a big sip of his coffee he took the time to explain the story to bYooma and we're more than excited to share it with you!

The main question we had for Joachim was about the start of his Personal Brand as he's doing so many different things but still succeeds in all of them. He answered: "From the beginning I made a clear decision in what I wanted to show to the world. That answer was: myself! However Ori Omi will be always my 'little baby' as it's the very first business I started up. I created it while I was still studying and wanted to make sure that when I finished school, it would've become a success. But next to Ori Omi I also wanted to share what was going on behind the scenes. How my days were going and what I was doing. 

Blogs were quite popular during that moment but to be honest, it's not my cup of tea. One day I saw my sister watching vlogs on Youtube and asked her what she was doing. That's how I discovered the 'vlogger-world' and realized it was the perfect way to show what was going on behind the scenes at my business. A couple of years ago I already considered creating a channel but more about inspirational and motivating content. Also interviews with other entrepreneurs would've been shared.

Than came the decision 'Should I combine those two or not?' Do I create one just for Ori Omi or do I keep one with my name 'Joachim Badejoh'. Well... If I promoted my own name, as my brand, it could involve everything I did and still do in life. All the businesses I run, the modeling work and the interviews. It would all fit as it's about me and what I am doing." 

Another thing we wanted to know is how this channel gave you business opportunities. Did it had a big impact? And did you see a difference after starting this? When we asked him he clearly answered with a "YES!". 
"It definitely had a positive impact on my business. I even started as a guest teacher and speaker on several events. To make it more clear I will give you an example on how Personal Branding can effect your business: There are two different pizzeria restaurants. One founder is a friend of you and the other restaurant is from someone you don't know. Even though the 'unknown' owner might be so friendly, there's a 90% chance you're going to the pizzeria where you know the employees. 

Knowing a lot of people and creating a good community around you is important if you want your business to succeed. There are even a lot of people coming towards me. After telling in one of my vlogs that I signed my first contract with a client, others came just a few days later. If I didn't have created this strong Personal Brand it would've taken more time to achieve what I have today and it would've been more difficult as well.

"2017 and 2018 are the years where it's all about Personal Branding!"

Since a few months Joachim is having his own Radio Show 'Business with Bade'. We are wondering how you got the inspiration to create this show so tell us more!
"Radio Stad, the radio station, contacted me and said they had a few empty hours that could be filled in by a subject I wanted to talk about. An awesome offer as I always wanted to create my own channel since 2014 with interviews about other entrepreneurs sharing their stories. By having this show it was the perfect opportunity to build this up and combine it with my other platforms as my own channel, Instagram, podcasts,... It's another goal I achieved thanks to my Personal Branding. People have trust in me, just as Radio Stad has. They were sure I was going to fill in the show in a creative way. But I have to admit I won the jackpot here and that I'm lucky to get this offer. It took me more than a year to build up my own brand and I just started to see the results from it."

"Personal Branding is an extension of who you are as a person. Only promote your strengths and show the world who you really are."

Now we would like to know the next step. Or are you just going with the flow?
"I never now what will be the result of a new video. When my day starts, the camera starts filming as well. Luckily my days are so dynamic and the fact that I don't have a 9 to 5 job makes it very variated. Each video is different and has another subject. But I have to admit that I recently started to think about my personal brand as it's almost 2018 and time for something new. There's something coming up, which I'm not telling you yet, but it's the reason why I'm vlogging in English now. I'm also going to change my name for the new project so stay tuned!"

But how do you combine everything with such a busy schedule? What does a normal day looks like?
"Time management is a skill I don't manage very well. Don't forget that I'm also playing basketball next to everything I'm already doing... So to be honest I just wake up and do what I need to do. With my to-do-list in my hand I start going from one appointment to another which can result into long days, but that's what I love to do. It's also a part of being an entrepreneur and if I don't finish today it will be postponed until tomorrow. If there are some free hours I just start shooting extra content for Instagram or I start editing my Youtube video's. Boring? Not at all but I need to start managing my time in a more efficient way. Yes I admit that."

Last but not least we asked Joachim for some tips!
"First of all and the most important one at the same time as many people are making this mistake: do not jump on the current trends. An example: Youtube is getting popular in Belgium and is a new trend. Suddenly everyone is creating a channel! This is not how it works. Invest in your strengths and put time into those skills. I didn't start a blog because I can't write a story. How crazy would it be if I would have a blog without being good in it? It wouldn't make any sense. Video and Youtube are two things that fit me so that's where I invest my time in. Everything that is not your passion won't last long. You can't pretend to be someone you're not. Be yourself! 

"Those who never give up and keep investing time in their passion are the ones that succeed."

Next to that you just need to do it. Give it a shot and try! You have nothing to loose. The only thing that can happen is having negative comments or people not supporting you but that's the risk of this online world. It's easier for others to give critic or to laugh about something but that shouldn't stop you from pursuing your dreams.

And a tip for your own Personal brand: use your own name to extend or strengthen your brand. You can also take something short and catchy to be noticed in other countries. In Belgium we have a ceiling and a limit when it comes to growing a business so try to make it international enough and already make plans for the future so you can pursue them."

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