september 11, 2017
Welcome to our blog page! It will be a magazine where we will share the newest hot trends, interviews, workshops, video's from bYooma TV and so much more. Weekly updates will be posted by the whole team and you will also be able to share experiences and ideas.

But who is bYooma? We're a team of 3members: Michael is the founder of bYooma and managing everything about the business. Next you have Ines who's focusing on communication and the influencers. The third team member is Cindy, manager for the brands and content creator. 

This company started when we saw how important Instagram is to connect with the right audience and to reach the right people. Both for brands and influencers trying to create a personal brand or commercial strategy. So we will focus on training and coaching them. This through workshops, online courses and individual guidance and we will provide them with all the necessary tools to excel and succeed. Whether it's a starting company, individual or an established business looking for a new strategy plan for their Instagram, we will walk together through the entire process. 

By staying in contact as much as we can and with some great tips and tricks on our magazine and TV channel, we will help you in this world of Instagram. And if you have a specific question: shoot them during our insta live stories-moments or just mail them and we will help you as soon as we can! #byoomatotherescue

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