Instagram is currently the most used tool for people to share lifestyle pictures, food grams and fashion/beauty looks, on. It's easy to connect with other friends but also perfect for you to create or improve your personal brand. 

Why "PERSONAL" branding? Individuals are becoming influencers with their profiles by sharing their own unique story through a picture, by having an amazing sense of style or because their food pictures are looking so delicious that people want to eat it as well. So the pictures are being screenshot, shared and before you know you've been an inspiration for others. But how do you develop your own authentic voice and what qualities are essential to differentiate yourself from others? It's not only about who you are, but also how you manage the whole Instagram community. 

For brands and companies it's also a very important tool. Through these influencers they're promoting new collections, product launches or specific events. Matching personalities and faces with a strong group of followers are their new way for publicity and promotion. But how do you contact them? What's the right strategy to follow?

If you would like to know the ingredients to turn your own style into a strong brand, we invite you to follow our "Personal Brand" workshop.
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