september 27, 2017

Within a week our first workshop for influencers will take place. The topic of the 4th of October will be about the 'Ins & Outs' of Instagram. How to manage the algorithm, the tools available and everything else around the most important Social Media app. On the 11th you can learn about Instagram proof photography and on the 17th we share the editing tools for your pictures.

But whether you're a starting influencer or trying to upgrade your profile, we all have someone we look up to. From a style icon to fitness goeroe or a mom that bakes the best cookies: we got a lot of inspirational people around us. Now it's time to share your unique story and to become an example for others as well. A person they can look up to. Be the new influencer with the right knowledge of Instagram.

In the workshop 'Influencers MEET UP', on the 25th of October, we give you the chance to interact with fast growing Belgian Instagrammers. Lima (@limaswardrobe), An Katrien (@ankatrien) and Thomas (@levraichic) will talk about their experiences, give some tips and tricks about how they grew so fast. They also answer on all your questions and it will be an interactive evening where you can learn from people who are in this world 24/7. 

Are you curious about their experiences and you wan't to become as successful as them? Book your tickets for the workshop 'Influencers Meet Up' now by clicking here. #byoomatotherescue

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