In 2016 it became very clear that Instagram is an indispensable Social Media app. Brands are using it more than ever to promote their products or services, individuals are sharing their favorite clothing pieces, sports routines or food grams, and also make up artists are showing the most amazing looks on their profiles. Instagram has all together a community of 800million users, whereof 500million daily, and in this huge digital bubble we will pick out some Belgian profiles that stand out. From photographers to models, bloggers or travellers.

In this first interview we talked with Ingrid Bergs from Rebels&Cuties, a striking photographer from Hasselt that shoots from the heart, her passion and feelings. She changed from studying science to doing webdesign and graphics, and little by little her portfolio was completely build up after five years. Following her own creative and strong visual memory lead her to where she is today: an outstanding photographer with a unique way of shooting people.

"No pretty faces an sich, but the stories of Rebels & Cuties."

Ingrid captures a personal story behind each beautiful individual. No pretty faces an sich but the stories of Rebels and cuties. Every tough character has a sweet and soft side. And each cute face hides a rebel story. No prejudices are made when models are standing in front of the camera, she shoots the realistic and pure face of each person. Imperfect of insecure? They all got a story to appreciate. The final results are intimate, raw, dark but yet light and with a next-door feeling.

Instagram is for Ingrid very important. We asked her why as she already has a strong portfolio. "First of all I have two separate profiles. One for my professional job and another personal account. It's important for me to divide as Rebels&Cuties doesn't have to be mixed with my sportive life. But I use Instagram as a tool to attract new clients, to create visibility and give them an image of my style. Backstage captures are also fun to share and from time to time I also show the brands I'm collaborating with. It's just so powerful that I can't miss it for my job as a photgrapher." 

"Instagram is such a powerful tool to attract new clients."

As she's shooting a lot of models and has a knowledge of fashion photography we took the opportunity to ask some tips & tricks to help you out. Whether you're and influencer or insta husband shooting the pictures for your Social Media lady, she has some for both of you:

1. If you're still trying to find a way to shoot outfits or aren't finding a comfortable looking way of posing; use the mirror. There's nothing better than practicing and trying out different angles. 
2. Shoot different pictures from different high levels with the camera. If you want to look taller for example, take the picture from below. Try and discover what fits you the best. 
3. Use your clothing to create movement. Swirl your skirt, put your hands in a pocket of your coat,... This will make your pose look less standard of forced. 
4. Don't know where to put your hands? Avoid awkward looking movements. Hold your watch, play with your hair or bracelets,...
5. Always shoot in daylight for the best pictures. Using artificial light or a flash never comes out as clean as shooting during the day. Of course it's better to avoid standing in the bright shining sun as it creates a yellow-orange-ish glow. And when it rains it's always a bummer, but use a pretty or fun umbrella to pimp up the look! 
6. The location is important. If it doesn't matches your style, feed or personality it won't fit the story. Shooting in the green fields when being a business woman for example just doesn't work.
7. Keeping your profile pictures coherent and in the same style will give a serene look. Don't use 10 different filters, neither a color book of colors. That won't create a professional aspect.
8. If you use a lot of colorful clothing, try to shoot in front of white or grey buildings to avoid that your feed looks like a mess.

To see more of Ingrid Bergs her work, we invite you to check out her Instagram profile and her portfolio on the website. If you're interested in telling your story, contact us, and who knows you'll be the next one on our bYooma News page.

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