Meet Raia Maria Laura, a 21year old Italian beauty living in Brussels with an incredible love for photography. How did she started and what can we learn from her? A lot! Discover Maria Laura's story and the tools for insta-proof photography during her workshop at bYooma and for now we give you a little preview.

It all started when she got her first camera for Christmas, nine years ago when she was 12years old. From the moment she held it in her hands she fell in love and they were inseperable since then. Maybe because it was pink? At that moment she loved taking pictures but she wasn't yet dreaming of becoming a photographer. The first pictures were a little bit of everything and during the years she upgraded her camera to a bigger one. However, Maria Laura still keeps her first camera as it will always have a special place in her heart as the day where it all began is an important reminder.

"At the beginning it seemed like there was not really a genre that captivated me."

Later on Maria Laura found a genre that fitted her: portraits and capturing personalities. And as she understands that standing in front of the camera is not always comfortable, she takes the time to talk with her models so they can feel relaxed. Next to taking portraits she also loves to make documentary pictures where you can really feel the moment, or better described as 'once in a life time moments'. She always said that she wanted to go for movies, but in the end her love and passion for photography took over.

"I just don't talk, I capture."

During 2016 Maria Laura captured some unforgettable moments. Like the picture where Kim Kardashian looked straight into the camera: "I never thought I would meet her in real life, so capturing her was an unforgettable moment." Also being invited at the backstage from the Balmain show during Paris Fashion Week is an event to remember forever. She also says "I remember eating at the airport in Milan when noticing that Big Sean reposted my picture. It was crazy. "- All memories that makes her remember how amazing her work is. And we totally agree with that.

Even though she's now becoming a well known photographer, it wasn't always so easy for her. Thanks to her teachers that believed in her no matter what and her own power to succeed in doing what she loves to do, she achieved to make it into being an incredible photographer. More of her story and help to make your captures on Instagram worth the shot, will be told during the workshop "Insta-proof photography". Book your place now before it's too late and meet Raia Maria Laura in real life. 

Find her work on her Website, Instagram and Facebook.
All pictures are made by Raia Maria Laura.
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