oktober 12, 2017

Last week's workshop was sold out and so was our second class yesterday. After talking about the IN's and OUT's of Instagram it's time to create content for our feeds. Not a quick click here and another click there, but the right way. And even if you don't have a SLR camera, it's perfectly possible to shoot amazing pictures which your iPhone. That's why we  showed you the possibilities of both.

Vicky Bogaert from Smartphonefotografie.be started our workshop 'Insta-Proof Photography' with explaining us how you correctly use the camera of your iPhone or Smartphone. Certain tips and tricks were so helpful that some of our students started shopping the extra tools right away. Did you know you can add a micro and macro objective to your phone? Or ever took the time to discover the camera in detail? We all did these steps and tried the functions together. In a few words: we learned how to create Instagram worth pictures with a 'simple' phone.

During the second part of the class Raia Maria-Laura gave us inspiration on how to follow your dreams. That it's important to create your own style and to stand out. She gave us a huge throwback to how she experienced the Fashion Weeks and how you work on Personal Branding as well. We also learned how to use your camera when it comes to ISO, diafragma and the shutter. Very important things to know when you use a SLR camera to shoot!

"Yesterday wasn't about increasing your knowledge but creating the possibilities to discover and helping ourselves to do new things." - Rachida E.K.

It's very important for us that everyone can interact with the guest speakers and with each other, which has again been the case yesterday. Next week we will have our workshop 'Photo editing for Instagram' where we will try out different kind of feed-colors together. An interacting class for sure! You will learn how to create a personal filter and unique feed. Bring your phone, inspirational photos and let's start editing! It's the perfect workshop if you've always been wondering how your favorite influencer made her or his feed. 

If you can't make it to the following workshops or missed the first two, no worries! bYooma is giving now individual classes as well. Read all about it here and book a class of your choice. 

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