Did you face the struggle of not being able to attempt our weekly workshops due to your work schedule? The kids that have no baby sit or because of the distance? We got the solution for those who absolutely want to know and learn everything but can't make it to our current workshops. From now on bYooma will give you the opportunity to book custom made classes. Actually a workshop especially made for you! Feeling the VIP vibes? 

Why are we giving these individual classes?
We know how important Instagram is nowadays and we want to make sure you get all the right and necessary informations adapted to your own personal needs. Whether you're a brand of influencer trying to find your way in this Social Media world, each course is focused on what will make you or your brand better. Workshops are more global that will help the whole group. When you book your custom made class we will just focus on YOU!

How are these individual classes working?
First of all we want to let you know that the classes are available in Dutch, French and English. Next to that we will adapt to your planning. No need to stress about not being able to make it to our workshops, as said before. It's about YOU and whenever, wherever and what you want to learn. 

What can you learn during these sessions?
During the individual class you can learn the same subjects as the ones during the workshops. However as they will be given just for you, do not hesitate to ask anything you need to know! And if you want to combine courses or want to learn about something else? Just ask and we will make a course just for you!

- IN's and OUT's of Instagram
- Insta-proof photography and editing
- How to grow fast on Instagram
- Blogging as your job
- Personal branding

How to book a custom made class?
Different packages are available and if you want to follow it with a couple of friends or colleagues, you can!

Send us your request to info@byooma.com. We will provide you with all the detailed informations, the package options and everything else so you can experience the VIP vibe yourself.

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