oktober 20, 2017

Get ready cause within exactly one week we will celebrate Halloween! Also the bYooma team is preparing the last details to their looks and to inspire you a little more we contacted An Kusseler, a professional in Halloween make up. And when we say professional, this woman kills it! Well, almost...

An always loved to experiment with make up, but never on a level as she is doing it today. It was while growing up that it became the perfect way to escape reality and to boost her self-confidence a little more as she has always been a little insecure. No need for that if you ask us. Cause look at her work! However it wasn't always a passion, it's neither her fulltime job, but since last year Ann is realizing how good her skills are. 

Let's discover a little more about her work and her active presence on Instagram! (@beauty_by_an)

"I just start and do it by feeling. Each result is also a surprise for me."

Most of the time the inspiration comes from videos or pictures of other make up artists and Instagram of course. Than she puts herself in front of her vanity and starts trying. Sometimes she love the results, other days it doesn't work out. "But that's the fun part of make up: you can wash it off and start over again the next day." - said An.

We asked her about Instagram and how she uses it to show her looks.
"I'm indeed an active member of Instagram! Before this account I also had a beauty blog, but the more freelance work I did, the less time I had left so I needed to make a choice. Instagram for me is like a portfolio of what I'm doing. I love to share my work with the world and therefor Instagram is the perfect tool. The fact that my account reached over the 10K is making me happy, especially as it has only been online for a year. Even though I never expected this, it can be also frustrating from time to time that the followers aren't growing so quickly. But than I tell myself that I got all the time of the world and that I'm doing this because it's my passion."

"Instagram helps me by generating new clients. Also people are sending texts to know the products I used."

By using the Social Media app she can generate new clients. Or interact with her audience. They ask questions about the products she used for example and this gives An a confirmation that she's doing it well. Just like we told you!

We also liked to know her future plans: "Right now my goal is to enjoy life and to learn more. It has only been a year since I'm intensively doing all these make up looks so I still have a lot of space to improve. What the future will bring for me isn't very clear yet: maybe I will start working as a make up artist fulltime or maybe it stays as it is right now. As I'm quite fickle it can also result in stopping with make up. Or wait, no! I don't think that will happen though."

To all those who are trying something new as well: "Always be and stay yourself. Do what you love because everything that has been forced won't make it until the end. And if they have questions, they can reach out to me!". So if you're curious to see more about An's work and you should have questions,  you can find her on Instagram by clicking here.

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