For a lot of people it seems the dream job to be an Influencer or Blogger. But what they don't always see is the amount of time that these people put into their work. And while some think that becoming famous on Instagram is easy for everyone, it's important to have an authentic story and engagement to build up a strong community around your profile. Easier said than done but not impossible! bYooma gives you some tips to achieve the Influencer status. 

Tip #1. Stay true to one niche and stand out! Something that a lot of people don't do! They post a little bit of everything. From traveling to fashion to beauty and food. Of course you love a lot in life, but it's easier to create a strong community around one subject. For example: go for fashion only, even if you shoot on vacations, but show the outfits as main focus. You can be everywhere and do anything you want to as long as the fashion stays central. People will appreciate the story you are trying to tell instead of posting a little bit of everything with no base line. 

Choose something you're absolutely passionated about. What do you want to tell? And if it's something that doesn't exist yet, it's another reason to start sharing! 

"Your brand is your personality. The more real and authentic you are, the more successful you can be." 

Tip #2. Be authentic and real. Whether you're a brand or individual, it's important to be authentic and unique with the content you send into the world. As a brand you need to stand out with your product. Work hard an be creative in showing off what you want to sell but do it with quality pictures. If you don't know exactly how to do it, you can contact bYooma for a special "Brand photography and editing" course.

As a personal brand, or individual, you will have to show your followers who you really are and they will follow you because they like your story. Creating this community will make your profile stronger within your niche. 

What can help as well is our workshop or course about 'Personal Branding'. We will tell you how to manage all of this and create the community you need to stand out. Feel free to contact us for more informations. 

Tip #3. Invest time and evolve. As we said: to become a good blogger or influencer you need time. it's almost like a fulltime job. Yes, really! Engaging with your followers, creating the right content and staying active on different platforms isn't as easy as it looks. Social Media is changing every day and you need to stay up to date with the latest news. The same with platforms, there are thousands of these websites that helps bloggers to connect with brands, but not all of them are maybe working for you or connecting you with the people from your niche. Invest in those who are working for you and only collaborate with brands that fit your personal brand.

A good tip to stay up to date with Social Media is to follow and be inspired by others. There's nothing wrong with following what others are doing to improve yourself. As long as you're not the copycat! Just learn and keep in mind what may help you later on...

Tip #4. The Offline world is important too. While Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are all part of the online world, it's also important to be active offline. By this we mean the events, press days or other activities around your niche and brand. Take the time to meet your community and fellow 'colleagues'. The real life can help you a lot to promote your Personal Brand! So go to those events, have a coffee with your influencer friends and help each other grow. No concurrence needed as everyone has their own unique story to tell. #donthateappreciate

If you would love to meet people from your niche, keep an eye on the bYooma Facebook page and website. We will announce amazing new workshops very soon!

"The more you can engage offline, the more engagement you will have online."

Tip #5. Be realistic! Becoming a good and credible blogger or influencer takes time. So be realistic when it comes to seeing your community grow. Don't give up if your story is strong because we know how hard this world might be, but just do you! There's a reason why you started this so keep following your passion. One day your hard work will pay off and you'll laugh by all the hard roads you bump into. 

And another last important thing to know: everything is traceable! So buying followers, likes or anything else that isn't "real" can be seen by PR, Brands and others. Be real and most of all: stay true to yourself! 
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