It has been a week since Instagram launched their new tool: the poll sticker on Instagram Stories. The new and direct way to survey your audience about any possible subject, from interests to what they like or dislike and any kind of feedback you need to make your profile grow. There's no need to send out those mails with many questions and hoping you will get at least response from 10% of them. This interactive tool is now the best way to ask questions.

"Use the poll to survey your audience so you know what they like."

Some are using the poll sticker for fun, to ask one of their friends if they should buy the skirt they saw earlier today while shopping, others are using it for more brand and marketing related subjects. Because there's no better way to discover what your followers and audience loves. And as the results are showing up immediately in the list of viewers, you can start adapting collections for example, menus or make new strategies.

But how does it work? It's so easy to use. Once you've taken your picture or created the video, you click on the stickers sign and select 'POLL'. Then you enter the question you want feedback about and choice two answers. A simple 'Yes' or 'No' is possible, but also emoji's and your own words are an idea. 

And how do you use it to boost your business? Again very easy. Here are a couple of examples:
1. Did you launched two new dishes on the menu but you're not sure? Ask them what they prefer.
2. You ordered new sneakers to display in your store, but do your followers actually like sneakers? Survey them with two option like 'Heels or Sneakers?' and avoid collections that won't sell.
3. If you have new items that entered with the delivery, you can immediately ask if they like the sweater for example. Thumbs up or down, ask and get an answer in real time!

What are you waiting for? Make them polls and start to get to know your followers in one day.

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