Since Instagram decided to work with the algorithm we're all trying to find hacks to beat it. But to make sure you manage their new way of working, you should work with it and not against it. Right now there are different theories on how to increase your engagement, however only a few know this one: make sure people save your pictures!

To start with: 'How is the Instagram Algorithm working?' 
There are still no proven actions that are triggering the decrease. But what we do know is that their new way of working, for a couple of months now, is definitely effecting the engagement on your posts. As long as we don't figure it out completely, we can only do everything possible to still reach the amount of people as before. Cause the more views, shares, comments and likes a post has, the better it will score in the ranking.

We also all know that it's important that your post is liked and seen by a lot of users. And the more time someone spends on your post, the more Instagram will recognize it as 'interesting' content. Ask questions in your post description so your can interact and to boost a little extra some will host Instagram contests or others will be sharing posts in Instagram pods,... more about that later. However remember that there's nothing more important than posting when your followers are the most active. Logic? Yes! Easy? Not always. 

And even though you might have been searching on Google for all kinds of hacks, we are sharing an important one today that most of us forget: make sure people bookmark your pictures! Or said otherwise: save your post. This tool was launched on Instagram at the end of 2016, but only a few are using it. You can compare it a little bit with Pinterest, you like and save pictures so you can create inspirational posts which you can refer to later. Did you also know that the more people save your post, the more engagement it gets? Oh yes! A little hack which increases again how many people will see your content. So instead of taking loads of screenshots, which only takes capacity on your phone, save them on your Instagram. You're welcome!

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