oktober 06, 2017

Our first workshop is a wrap! Two days ago, on Wednesday the 4th of October, we officially launched the 'bYooma Influencers Workshops'. Seven classes where you can learn and discover everything about the Instagram world. 

Together with Francine Kerckhaert from @mylifeincolors_ we've been talking about the 'In's and Out's of Instagram'. In two hours she explained everything around the biggest Social Media app. Cause with these 600 million followers it's not so easy anymore to stand out. Nowadays it's very difficult to get an accurate engagement since Instagram is working with their Algorithm. However there are tricks to boost you content and ways to work with it, just as told in yesterday's first algorithm hack tip. Francine explained the influencers how to stand out, build up your profile, tactic and the way of breaking through. It's not only about a good name or a beautiful feed but also about knowing how to do it. Exactly what this workshop was about. 

"Even when you thought you knew everything about Instagram you have bYooma that comes up with a surprising workshop. It proves that everyone can learn from it!" - By Evy H.

The next six workshops will be about Photography, Editing Applications and tools, the Instagram Meet up with Lima, Thomas and An-Katrien. Also Personal Branding and Monetizing your profile are subjects to follow. You can find them all here and reserve your place so you can create your own way to succes.

Did you miss the first workshop or you are living too far? Speaking another language than Dutch or not free on Wednesdays? We will start giving individual workshops from next week, the 9th of October. This means we give you the option to choose the date and location. You can also book an individual class for a group of friends or your colleagues. Everything is custom made. Yes, bYooma to the rescue!

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